Top senior advocates in Chandigarh High Court

Senior advocates cannot advertise or even meet clients directly because it is against written code of ethics. Senior advocates, like any other lawyer, may or may not be practicing exclusively in one practice area. We believe that you must deal with experts in particular areas of law like senior advocates for criminal cases, senior advocates for property disputes, senior advocates for rent matters and the like. Our listed senior advocates have exclusive practice in specific areas of law. We recommend you senior advocates as per your case. For example – if you have a property related case in Chandigarh High Court and you want a senior advocate, you must hire that senior advocate who specializes in property related litigation. Similarly you should choose criminal expert for a criminal case and property expert for property case and the like. The words “senior advocates” can be used only for lawyers in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh only. Any advocate practicing in district court can not use the words “senior advocate” along with his name.

What is “senior advocate”?

Senior advocate is a designation given by judges to lawyers unanimously chosen by them. The designation denotes that these lawyers are better and different from others. A senior advocate is designated as senior advocate under section 16 of the Advocates Act 1961. We have a list of senior advocates and practice areas in which each of the listed senior advocates in Chandigarh hold expertise. Just like ordinary lawyers, even senior advocates hold expertise in particular legal areas. We help you hire a senior advocate in that legal practice area which includes your legal issue.

Is there really a difference?

A litigant needs guidance. Guidance of an expert litigator, not of a common man. You do not need simply a lawyer. You deserve to have the best lawyer in Chandigarh. A lawyer trusted by hundreds of clients each year. One having experience and expertise. Our listed lawyers are not novices in law. They are all having minimum 10-15 years of experience. Unless you specifically ask for a new-lawyer with less than 10 years of experience, we will not refer you to a novice in law. Our listed senior advocates in Chandigarh have minimum experience of 30 years each. We understand what the best in law is.

How much fee do they charge?

Generally, fee of a senior advocate in Chandigarh may be more than three to four times than that of a lawyer. Senior advocates referred by us will always quote a one time fee for a case in Punjab and Haryana High Court and will not charge again any clerical or other charges again for the same case. Further, the fee quoted by our senior advocates always include fee of his assisting advocate. We will refer you to a senior lawyer expert in your subject matter in case your budget, as told to us, allows it.