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Who we are

LexLords is a unique platform to assist Non-Resident Indians, Foreign Citizens and Persons of Indian Origin manage their legal affairs and resolve their legal issues within and outside India. In law, stakes are always high. Headed by lawyers with more than 40 years in practice, our team has expert and experienced lawyers, property management experts and consultants, chartered accountants throughout India. We direct clients in right direction to resolve their legal issues quickly and efficiently.

We recognize that NRI settled outside India face the most stressful situations when a legal issue arises in India and they are unable to travel to India to tackle that legal issue. In these stressful times, they don’t need merely an expert NRI lawyer in India, but a human being who believes in them and their right to have a better future within and outside India. That future starts with success in NRI litigation in India through an expert from whom you can rightfully expect everything that you want and your case requires.

Our Non-Resident Indian (NRI) lawyers provide legal services not only through litigation but also through less confrontational methods of resolving legal conflicts like alternate disputes mechanisms including mediation, conciliation and arbitration. Through these means, our NRI lawyers negotiate and settle legal disputes on behalf of our clients without dragging them into costly courtroom battles. Foreign nationals who choose this option can get our assistance to have a fair settlement with the other party in India.

What we offer

Knowledge is always specific. That is why we have experts to deal with NRI legal issues. When you deal with experts – lawyers who practice exclusively in NRI cases and legal issues, chances of success increase exponentially. We ensure that:

  • You don’t need to travel to India
  • First consultation is free of cost
  • You get regular case updates and lines of communication are always open

The Process

  • Step 1 Discuss your legal issue with our staff by phone call, email or whatsapp. Contact us.
  • Step 2 Our team of expert NRI lawyers will lay down a winning strategy for you.
  • Step 3 We will then resolve your legal issue in time bound manner.

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Why clients choose Lexlords

99% Success Rate

Lexlords is one of the few enterprises which has dozens of five-star reviews on Google reviews.

Without travelling to India

With our legal assistance, you can get your legal issues resolved without coming to India. This saves traveling costs and you can focus on things which are important in your life while leaving your legal issues with us.

Over 40 Years of Experience

Our experienced and expert lawyers have been in legal profession for more than 40 years. You cannot get such expertise and experience under one roof.

Flexible Payment Plans

We are one of the few enterprises providing legal services in India that offer flexible payment plans. This means that you can get legal help without worrying at all about money or about how we are to be paid. It is our belief that money is secondary but that getting help of a seasoned and expert lawyer is of primary importance.

24/7 Legal Help

Our NRI lawyers are available 24/7, regardless of where you are from and where you need help.

Legal Services for
NRI & Foreign Citizens

NRI Property Issues

Property related problems faced by NRI and Foreign Citizens are:-

NRI Family Disputes

Problems related to Family Law faced by NRI and Foreign Citizens are:-

NRI & Criminal Law

NRI and Foreign Citizens may require an expert criminal lawyer in following cases:-

Corporate & Finance

Corporate & Financial aspects in relation to NRI and Foreign Citizens are:-

  • Company incorporation, Winding up and Liquidations
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Intellectual Property – Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents
  • Legal Compliance, approvals and permissions
  • Legal Due diligence, Legal opinion
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures
  • Taxation, money laundering, black money (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002, Foreign Contribution (regulation) Act, 2010)

Trustworthy NRI Services

Our NRI lawyers have over forty years experience in assisting NRI in different legal areas including property litigation and property management. Our lawyers have the experience, in-depth knowledge and dedication to fight for our clients to get the outcome which they rightfully deserve. For us, each case is unique and we put in our best efforts in all cases regardless of the complexity of the matter in hand. Whether it is a property dispute between relatives or a will is disputed or simply a family settlement is required. That is where Lexlords can help you. Already, litigation is costly and difficult. By not having the right kind of lawyer – the one who can get you success – the process may end in a manner which may not be favorable to you and your future generations.

Our NRI lawyers in India have experience and expertise in representing in Indian courts our NRI clients located throughout the world. We have assisted clients with legalities ranging from disputes with builders, false criminal cases of cheating and forgery against Non-Resident Indians (NRI), cases where relatives try to grab their property and much more. Our team of NRI lawyers is respected by their peers because of their expertise and dedication towards their work. This reputation ensures that other lawyers contesting against us do not take undue advantage of our clients.

Our team of NRI lawyers has some of the top notch NRI lawyers in India who work tirelessly from several locations throughout India to get the best possible results for our clients. We advise our clients located outside India on all the possibilities that may ensue from litigation in India. We are aggressive, unflinching and uncompromising when our clients rights are involved in litigation. We do everything which is important to get Justice for our clients regardless of how powerful the other side is.

Press we to the field ungrieving,
In our heart of hearts believing
Victory crowns the just.

If you have any issue related to NRI laws, you deserve to have a lawyer who stands by you throughout this process. Litigation brings both emotional and financial burden with itself. Having lawyers with more than four decades experience, we have dealt with almost every type of NRI case which can arise in India. We understand not only the direct legal implications that case decision may have on you but also indirect consequences which a decision may have on your life itself. Our NRI lawyers understand client perspective and make things smoother throughout the legal process. Mere present victory is not the goal – the goal is to have a working solution which works for you and your family throughout your life and life of your future generations.

Our philosophy
who we are

Lexlords is a top-rated service provider to Non-Resident Indians (NRI) located within and outside India having litigators with more than forty years of experience. Having expertise in Non-Resident Indian (NRI) laws, we are one of the most experienced legal service providers to NRI. We have in-depth experience in handling difficult and complicated legal issues within and outside India. We have thorough knowledge of legal justice system in India and we know when and how to get things done. By working with Lexlords, Non-Resident Indians (NRI) have an advantage that no other lawyers within and outside India can provide.

We are selective about clients

We decide each month as to what cases we have to file and how many cases we shall take. This is because we believe in winning cases, not filing cases for money only. We do this so that we can increase our probability of winning and also because we believe that devil is in details. If we are not attentive to the minor details of each and every case, our chances of winning may decrease. We prefer selective clients to get high success ratio each month. We do not assign legal work to those who are not professionals. Each of our case is prepared and conducted by a legal professional. When it comes in non-legal work like managerial and accountancy services, we have MBAs and charted accountants who are experts in these matters. Therefore all the work in Lexlords is done only by professionals and experts. When you retain as, you’re retaining experts and not a novice. We understand that the lawyer you retain is as important as the case itself because a lawyer who treats the case as his own case can rightly justify his own fee.

Risk free consultation

Our NRI lawyers offer first initial consultation free of cost – whether it is consultation in person or over the phone. During this consultation Non-Resident Indians (NRI) can ask us anything about the legal issues which they’re facing within and outside India. Rest assured that you will get the best legal advice from the best legal experts during this initial consultation. To start working with Lexlords, just give us a call or send us an email or fill out the contact form on the contact page. Lexlords is conveniently located in Canada, USA and India. Our representatives can meet you at all the locations provided above and once you are our client, you can meet or call our lawyers in India. Our team of NRI lawyers has long experience of 40 years in handling complex NRI cases. During this timeframe, we have contested some of the toughest and most complex legalities relating to Non-Resident Indians (NRI). Throughout this time, our dedication and success rate has not dwindled. Our NRI lawyers are held in high esteem by judges and other lawyers also.

Top notch NRI lawyers

Our NRI lawyers in India are recognised as one of the best by our clients and those who take consideration from us as is evident from the Google reviews given by our former and present clients. Expert NRI litigators at Lexlords are passionate about getting the best outcome for our clients. Our focus is not money – we refuse several cases by giving honest advice that those cases are not made out under law and it would not be feasible for our prospective clients to enter into litigation. When we say no to a case, you do not need a second opinion.

We guide as your next best friend

Whenever relatives or friends of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) come to know about litigation in India, they try to take advantage of them. This is because it is difficult for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) to come India time and again. We understand the situation and that is why we are able to resolve situations without the necessity of our clients come to India. We have seen and our clients have experienced such attempts by relatives contesting against our clients to blackmail them to extort money from them. We prevent such wrong doings with our clients. Law is our arsenal and we have long experience in using it for our clients’ success. Once you have dealt with us, you will feel the element of trust increasing everyday.