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Lexlords Legal Services which is conveniently located at several locations throughout the world so that NRI/s everywhere can get the best help for their legal matters. LexLords has 4 decades of experience in property matters. LexLords has been created to provide exclusive legal services to Non-Resident Indians and foreign nationals of Indian origin so that they may resolve their legal issues within and outside India.

Our areas of practice include:

  • Property Management
  • Property Litigation and prevention
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate and Financial Laws

What makes us unique is our specialization in international aspects of property matters. We have ability and resources to assist you in resolving conflicts in private international law like:-

  • litigation where property is located in several parts of world
  • property division in divorce in UK, USA, Canada and other countries when parties have married in India
  • property rights of children and wives of foreign nationals of Indian origin
  • when NRI/s are involved in false criminal cases because of property disputes. For example – proclaimed offender cases, quashing of FIR against NRI/s

If you are NRI or a foreign national of Indian origin, and you have a such issue within or outside India, contact us.

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