• Property Management Consultants

Who we are

  • We are property consultants and managers. To provide top-notch property services, we are assisted by property experts and lawyers with more than 40 years of experience in property related issues.
  • We are anti-real estate agents. We make sure that no property deal goes through unless it is 100% safe for our clients. We do not work on commission basis, but on fixed fee basis. You need us to ensure your financial security in all sort of property issues.
  • We are anti-developers and builders. We are here to make our clients safe. Do not expect to  hear from us any good news about property situation in India. Good news is what builders and developers create to sell you their property. We are not here to sell our property or take commission out of sale consideration. So if we say it is not safe to buy or invest your money in India, we mean it.

We are "not"

  • Real estate agents – We protect you from crooked real estate agents.
  • Commission agents – We guide you so that a person driven by greed (commission) does not cheat you of your hard earned money.
  • Builders or developers – You think RERA makes property deals cent percent safe? Think again. You need guidance to protect yourself in all property transactions.

Having property issue?

  • Get free consultation – First consultation is free of cost. You just have to call us, tell us all the details and take an appointment. We will make sure that your issue is resolved or you get all the important guidance in this first consultation.
  • Contact us – our contact details are here.