Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) lawyers

The current economic state of the country calls for a reasonable yet legitimate solution for resolving disputes between two parties. This is important for NRIs and foreign nationals who have legal issues in India. The traditional method of approaching a specific court of law can be time consuming and has the potential to delete your financial resources. Our dispute resolution lawyers are familiar with alternative ways of resolving disputes. Being the pioneers of the continually advancing legal framework of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), our lawyers have expertise in ADR mechanisms like arbitration and conciliation which are essential devices to enhance clients’ business advantages. While ADR is not generally fitting or at times even achievable, our lawyers have learned that both the parties frequently advantage from an approach which is not public and more casual along with possibly less severe types of dispute resolution. Our team of attorneys has been very fruitful in sorting out business contrasts utilizing present day lawful strategies, for example, intervention, master assurance of issues and settling. Our attorneys have utilized ADR strategies to yield results without prosecuting the case authoritative and convoluted debate including gigantic cases utilizing the methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution freely or joining those procedures with conventional types of suit in local and state level courts. When we refer you to an ADR lawyer, you can be sure that the lawyer deals primarily in ADR – that is the USP of Lexlords. Know more about us.

ADR for business and other legal areas

Our lawyers in the field of dispute resolution often recommend global clients that the most pivotal time to consider dispute resolution is before a question emerges. Our legal counselors work intimately with our corporate client base amidst contract transactions to make sure that all the Alternative Dispute Resolution conditions are suitable according to the needs of the client. Our attorneys are acquainted with the unlimited exhibit of elucidation and developmental devices that can be utilized in the drafting of an intervention statement. More imperatively, we know about the pitfalls that each such interpretative framework can potentially include. Be that as it may, Alternative Dispute Resolution is not just constrained to business exchanges. Its importance is expanding with ordinary conjugal questions & domestic disputes like cases of separation, police complaints carried out by spouses against their husbands and even property dispute matters between relatives. Our Lawyers have dealt with such cases and visited mediation centers in the local cities and state towns as well. They additionally utilize discretion and intercession to determine debate including: tort claims, protection claims, complex monetary issues, development question, land and property debate, contracts and business arrangements, matters related to employment amongst others.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) lawyers have often realized that ADR is the best way to deal with disputes, and as they are actively involved in this particular field, our attorneys have garnered broad experience in representing individual parties involved in disputes along with institutional and corporate clients. Our lawyers have been able to retain most of the clients as they are known for working diligently regardless of the social status of the client. In addition to this, our lawyers dealing in ADR matters have all the ability to work as mediators thus helping clients in choosing the most apt method of resolving disputes.