Asset finance is an intricate process which deals with valuable items of the business. The process encompasses a lot of legalities. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist you to comply with the legal framework of the asset finance laws. They ensure judicious and immediate solution to clients if any complex legal issue arises. Our leading lawyers hold expertise in understanding various finance options like commercial hire purchases, financial and operating leases, chattel mortgages and technology rentals. The farsightedness of lawyers enhances the ability to draft complex contracts for financial issues like structuring, secured loans and unsecured loans. Our attorneys in the sector of asset finance hold proficiency in managing the legal aspect of leasing transactions both domestically and internationally.

Our advocates help clients with asset financing laws irrespective of the location of the assets. The assets of our clients may be located in India or in any other corner of the world, these assets are subject to local laws in multiple jurisdictions. The jurisdictions in some countries are more creditor friendly than that in India. Our lawyers ensure that all the transactions related to asset financing are incorporated within the legal framework.

Our solicitors have years’ of experience of guiding clients from different industries. The lawyers have rendered legal services to finance companies, banks and insurance companies, manufacturers and service providers. Business of clients have fostered with the expertise and the experience of our attorneys in asset finance. Our lawyers have assisted clients on legal issues related to trade association and construction cooperatives. They have also guided clients in financing transactions related to equipment of the business.

A lot of money and time to expand the existing business can be saved by choosing the right type of asset finance. Also, one right decision can reduce the risk of owning obsolete equipment. The clients in past have benefited from unprecedented asset finance practice of our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. By efficient taxation advice of our lawyers, many of clients in past have been successful in avoiding unnecessary amounts pertaining to tax returns.