The global recession has led to reduced liquidity across the world which indeed has resulted into increased debt burdens and decreased asset values. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana who hold first hand legal experience of business restructuring and insolvency assist clients to cope with drastic changes in a timely fashion. There are signs that economies are recovering but judicious usage of finances is highly recommended to overpower the current scenario. Our lawyers assist clients in understanding the legal provisions related to business restructuring and insolvency to get the maximum value of available resources. Our lawyers render legal advice to client on both domestic and international jurisdictions. They also ensure that all the transactions relating to business restructuring and insolvency are implemented by complying with legal framework.

Our leading lawyers in business restructuring and insolvency possess expertise in commercial and corporate sector. They represent clients in insolvency, bankruptcy, winding up, liquidation and restructurings before courts and tribunals. Our lawyers have represented a diverse group of clients like governmental stakeholders, official liquidators, domestic and international companies, financial institutions, insolvency administrators and winding up officials. To recover debts from an insolvent person in a situation of bankruptcy is not easy. Our veteran lawyers handle the complex issues of bankruptcy efficiently. They represent both domestic and international clients in the issues of bankruptcy and insolvency. Our attorneys have also represented financial institutions, real estate companies, commercial banks, lenders, investment trusts and others who have advanced secured and unsecured loans to businesses.

Our solicitors assist clients in negotiating out-of-court settlement before initiating the bankruptcy litigation. If out-of-court negotiations don’t materialize then our solicitors decipher legal provisions to help unsecured creditors to recover debt after initiating the bankruptcy litigation in courts. Our dedicated attorneys hold years’ of experience in this intricate domain and when coupled with the support of other attorneys from other related practice areas likes taxation, intellectual property, capital markets, litigation and arbitration, employment and service matters; the assistance provided to clients is something that only a few lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana can match.