Civil Law Experts

Civil law in India is extremely complex. NRIs who approach us expect our lawyers to have expertise and experience exclusively in Civil Law. Moreover a civil case has a lots of stages like revision, appeals and reviews. Hundreds of types of applications can be filed in a civil matter in India. LexLords will take care of your court case at all stages of litigation. Under Indian legal system, there are legal provisions relating to appeals and revisions to different levels of courts. All advocates are not experts at all levels of courts. For example – a trial lawyer in Hoshiarpur will not understand legalities in Punjab and Haryana High Court. You need different advocates for different courts. LexLords has lawyers in Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh, district courts in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana and other courts and tribunals. Know more about us.

Further, our lawyers conduct litigation a specific litigation areas only. Civil law is itself very wide. It includes cases relating to arbitration and conciliation, class-action suits, commercial and corporate litigation including contractual disputes, intellectual property court cases including copyrights trademarks patent litigation, negligence and tortuous liability, land and property matters including real estate, rent matters, succession disputes, wills and probates, land acquisition matters and the like. Apart from suits, petitions and other cases filed in original jurisdiction of courts, appeal and higher courts have cases like Civil Appeals (including First Appeal Against Order (FAO), Second Appeal Against Order (SAO), Regular First Appeal (RFA) and Regular Second Appeal (RSA)), Civil Revisions (CR).

For so many different types of civil cases at different levels of courts, you need civil lawyers who specialize in civil cases only.

Civil lawyers

Disputes are part of life. Litigation is a method of resolving legal disputes when all other methods have been tried. Litigation of civil nature generally relates to contractual disputes, inheritance, wills and probate litigation, defamation, negligence and other property matters including rent matters, landlord tenant dispute, land boundary disputes. Our civil lawyers have experience and expertise in handling the above issues with success. For us, no court case is big or small. We you on every step and make sure that you receive customized legal services. Information about disputes arising out of agricultural land, land revenue record matters related to Jamabandi and Khasra Girdawari can be found on our page related to writ jurisdiction of Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Property lawyers

India is famous for prolonged property litigation. During such long time, you need to have a top property lawyer. Our property lawyers remain focused on the objectives of the client. They take an extremely professional approach to property litigation because the stakes involved are too high. Our property lawyers have court cases of land developers and promoters, NRI/s and high net worth individuals, banks with whom land has been mortgaged, landlords and tenants and individuals having agricultural land disputes.  The stakes involved in property matters and mental pressure on a litigant is very high. We provide strategic and tactical legal advice on urgent basis. Our chosen senior advocates also represent their clients in property disputes against builders and land promoters in consumer forums.