Nowadays, people are more aware of the impact of industrialization on climate and climate change is a major concern at a global level. Thus, industries promote usage of environment-friendly technologies over technologies contributing towards hazardous global climatic conditions. In order to control greenhouse gas emissions and fulfill international obligations to reduce carbon footprints, multiple legislation have been introduced in different countries which directly or indirectly affect various industries across the globe. Our leading lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist clients in incorporating every transaction pertaining to climate change within legal framework.

Our advocates work closely with groups engaged in the governmental mechanism dealing with regulating the industries on the basis of their impact towards improving the climate. Also, by encouraging these groups to develop environment friendly products and services, our lawyers aid clients to claim the status of a socially-aware organization.

With wide knowledge about climate change regulations, our solicitors render legal services to clients encompassing counseling on voluntary programs and emerging proposals for state, regional, national and international obligations. The services of our advocates are extended to clienteles from a diverse group of industries including energy, aviation, automobile, shipping, chemical, food, retail, manufacturing, construction, insurance and financial industries. With years’ of hands-on experience in the domain of climate change, our veteran lawyers provide clients with tailored advisory services because our lawyers do understand the uniqueness involved in making each industry compliant with the climate change legislation.

The expert services of our ace lawyers have created a huge impact on many industries. Our lawyers are well-equipped with legal regulations which enable them to not just aid clients comply with these regulations, but also aid clients gain the lucrative benefits associated with these regulations. With the guidance of our senior advocates, industries are heading towards adopting environment-friendly technologies in their operations to save the globe from hazardous greenhouse gas emission. Our topnotch lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist clients in compliance of climate change regimes to save the globe from dangerous climatic conditions.