Intellectual Property of a firm is an intangible asset which is a primary indicator in deciding the valuation of any company. Maintaining your company’s Intellectual Property Portfolio can be a challenging task as it involves a complex set of legal dilemmas which can only be solved by an expert lawyer. Hence our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana, who specialize in designing Intellectual Property Portfolio for companies are well-versed with necessary legal provisions of the law as well.

Laying emphasis on Mergers and Acquisitions, Dispute resolution, licensing and technology transfer, our lawyers are experts in addressing issues that arise during the completion of commercial transactions. All these issues are effectively addressed by our lawyers while maintaining due diligence with respect to matters involving Intellectual Property law and materializing of transactions. Our lawyers have thorough experience in this niche which always assists them in figuring out the correct or apt valuation of the Intellectual Property while simultaneously safeguarding the IP of the firm in order to create a strong defense against market competitors.

As a firms’ legal prospects involve protecting its underlying patents, trademarks, copyrights and confidentiality rights, our lawyers are experts in this arena thereby propelling a firm towards success and inducing necessary stability during the entire process. Meanwhile, our lawyers pay special attention in ensuring that the firm does not end up with incorrect IP valuation as it can bring in unnecessary disputes in the future leading to serious legal and commercial ramifications. With requisite experience, our advocates specializing in Intellectual Property and Commercial transaction strive to create a strong IP Portfolio for their clients. Our dedicated attorneys are nowhere bound by any sort of geographical limitation as they are known to offer valuable services with respect to national IP Portfolios covering the length and breadth of India. Taking up on unique challenges, our advocates enjoy working in a competitive environment and are keen to lend the necessary legal edge to their clients so that they proposer in the long haul. Deriving strength from skills and knowledge, our attorneys have an excellent track record of retaining clients which goes on to show the level of trust people have in them.