Commercial lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana

The complexity of commercial and business laws is increasing at an exponential rate. Our Business and Commercial Practice Group assists clients in resolving complex legal issues related to corporate law in a timely fashion. Our business and commercial lawyers hold expertise in commercial domains like sales negotiation, complex joint ventures and distribution network and assist clients in resolving their commercial issues arising out of governmental rules and regulations considering the various risk involving factors.

Business Law

Our dedicated business and commercial attorneys are well versed with all types of commercial agreements ranging between regular legalities and unique modern agreements. The pragmatic skills of our advocates enhances the ability to draft complex contracts including contracts relating to joint ventures, outsourcing and strategic alliances by considering all the possibilities. Our lawyers assist clients in creating significant one-time contracts like contracts relating to manufacturing and supplying, project development agreements and contracts relating to distribution of materials. Along with creating the right structures for their clients’ businesses, our lawyers assist them in materializing the right deals.

Business and Commercial Advocates

We are always focused on business of their clients and our clientele is based not just in India but outside India, too. We have a deep understanding of how government rules and regulations affect the clients’ businesses. We guide clients on how to abstain from involving in privacy issues arising during the course of business. We provide assistance to the clients who are engaged in the business of advertising and promotion, and other consumer products like drugs, medical devices and health and safety products. We also assist the clients in resolving legal issues relating to environmental and chemical laws like genetically modified seeds and pesticides. In any complex regulatory issue, we are guided by the continuous assistance of our government regulatory practice lawyers.

Our business and commercial lawyers offer services in both manufacturing and service industries including defense, automotive, aerospace, food and beverages, leisure, education, life sciences, transport and logistics. They guide the clients on the path of efficient accomplishment of business objectives by complying with the legal framework.