Fraud or False advertising

Our expert consumer protection lawyers assist customers against those who do not play by legal rules. Several individuals, corporations and institutions like banks violate consumer laws even though they are very much aware of it. For example, a bank may issue you an additional debit or credit card and charge you; a mobile company may defraud you while billing etc. Some businesses mislead customers or lure customers by false advertising.

Settlement as option

Lexlords’ Consumer Litigation Practice Group fulfills the legal requirements of consumers who have or want to initiate a court case. Our consumer lawyers know the statutory and regulatory rules and bye-laws while having in-depth know how in procedural matters. Our consumer lawyers have a long and successful experience in representing clients in consumer forum. Our lawyers try to persuade the opposite parties for a mutually beneficial resolution of consumer dispute. When a reasonable resolution is not possible, our consumer forum lawyers successfully represent clients in consumer forums and state commissions to generate a favorable outcome.

Our lawyers not only represent foreign individuals but also corporate and institutional clients who need adequate and quality representation in consumer forums. Consumer forums have just started flexing their muscle power. They are becoming more and more biased in favor of consumers because consumers are viewed as financially weak side of litigation and Consumer Protection Act is considered to be a welfare legislation.

Need Help?

Do you need advice in a consumer case? You might find answers in questions listed below. These are questions that clients generally ask from our consumer lawyers.

What is limitation to file a consumer complaint?

Two years from date of knowledge

A builder promised me possession in 36 months. Inspite of payment, he has not given me possession. Can I file consumer complaint against him?

Yes. If it is mentioned in contract and you have paid installments in time, you can successfully file complaint against him.