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An expert legal adviser is the most important requirement of a business at all stages of its life cycle. Business needs a legal team which is committed in putting the business strategy into action. A solid legal foundation of a business ensures lasting success and that is the reason why Non-Resident Indians (NRI) having businesses in India rely on us. We work closely with our NRI corporate clients to resolve their business issues with the strength of our legal advice especially in relation to cross-border business transactions. We understand international business and help Non-Resident Indians (NRI) build the infrastructure required to grow business.

We provide legal advice across full range of corporate and entrepreneurial issues and assist our clients, situated outside India, in choosing the right business model or in having a strategic partnership or even before signing any major contract in India and create a solid foundation for successful business expansion. We have long expertise across several legal practice areas which helps us draw the right conclusions in situations where stakes are high. Having strong relationships with government and regulatory agencies across several jurisdictions in India, we extend our reach to ensure successful outcome in complex business issues.

In business, disputes are inevitable. However, how such business disputes are handled varies. What businesses require is comprehensive legal advice based on experience and long litigation practice in India. This helps in evaluation of risks and rewards so that international clients are able to make an informed decision. LexLords is known for its legal problem management both civil and criminal litigation in India and suggest businesses on how to effectively counter the issues which may arise in future. Because of our wide practice based, we provide comprehensive legal advice before a problem may arise. We believe in prevention rather than cure.

Our corporate practice spreads across industry sectors including bankruptcy and financial reorganization, construction, commercial litigation, government and regulatory issues (including contractual disputes with the government), insurance, intellectual property, arbitration and alternate dispute resolution, international trade (including anti-dumping and countervailing duty issues, export control and embargo compliance), labour and employment issues, real estate (Real Estate Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA), consumer protection act).

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