Corporate Lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana

Business and corporate laws are becoming complex at an exponential rate. Our Corporate Law Practice Group provides businesses strategic legal advice to resolve their corporate matters. Our corporate lawyers have previous know-how and have represented international and domestic businesses in treading the maze of complex legal and financial transactions without getting lost. Our advocates in India have knowledge of business laws and expertise in handling corporate affairs.

Domestic and international legalities

Our lawyers in India have ability and expertise to handle the most complex business transactions and important business matters of domestic and international companies and institutions. We have a deep understanding of the legal issues that vex business in modern era. We have already handled issues relating to agency & franchise, alternative dispute resolution, business law, business, banking, securities & financial laws, company incorporation, compliance issues, winding up, copyrights, cyber laws, due diligence, international commercial arbitration, joint-venture, technology & foreign collaboration, mergers & acquisitions, partnership disputes, patents, trademarks, consumer affairs.

Other practice areas

We represent international clients throughout a wide array of law practice areas, including mergers and acquisitions, cross-border regulatory and compliance, private equity, governmental regulation and compliance, securities, licensing, tax, commercial transactions, closely-held and family-owned businesses (HUFs), financing, international matters, government contracts, franchise and agency, capital markets transactions, corporate governance, cross-border transactions, life sciences, oil and gas, venture capital, project finance, joint ventures, outsourcing and other strategic arrangements, sports and entertainment.

Business Litigation

Our corporate litigation lawyers represent clients and help them understand the litigation process at different levels of court.  We have won lakhs in compensation for our clients.  We have also  defended our clients and have saved them from those demanding damages from them. We are experienced in all stages of court cases, including arbitration and conciliation.

Corporate clients may be entangled in complex legalities for different reasons. Many a times, legalities arise not because of their own fault. Whether you are initiating a legal process against another or you are facing action against yourself, legal representation by an expert corporate lawyer who has specific experience in contesting that type of court case. Some types of cases which have been successfully handled by our Corporate Law Practice Group are:-

Breach of Contract

A corporate has to enter into innumerable contracts. That is very essence of business – contracting to get work done. Complexities arise in implementation of contracts when future is unseen. There are expectations and obligations when a contract is formed. Breach of legal obligations under a contract causes losses to business, increases business uncertaintainties and harms reputation of a business. In case there is no resolution, business need to initiate legal action in court.

Partnership or Shareholder Disputes

Sometimes legal issues arise not with outsiders but those who have laid foundation of business – partnership or company. Such legal issues between insiders lead to wastage of resources, time and money. These should be tackled as quickly as possible. Legal issues of these types involve problems related to allegations of breaches of fiduciary duty and mismanagement of resources of the company. Legal provisions related to these disputes are specific and provide specific remedies.

Intellectual Property Conflicts

Intellectual property disputes primarily relate to trade secrets and violation of IP Rights and issues including breach of patents and trademarks, non-disclosure and non-agreements etc. You need to know the best options available in case the opposite party misappropriates your intellectual property and violates your IP Rights. An appropriate court order may prohibit the opposite party from using your intellectual property apart from compensating you for violation of your intellectual property rights.

Employment Disputes

The most important resource for a business is human resource. Since employees are backbone of a business, businesses have to face issues which relate to employees. Employee disputes that businesses face relate mostly to allegations of discrimination or harassment, ovetime allowances, irregularity, and wrongful suspension and termination. Loss of one such case may lead to litigation by other employees. Court may order an employee to pay damages in case he has done an act against law or terms and conditions of the contract.