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When Non-Resident Indians (NRI) are accused of committing an offence in India or committing any part of an offence in India, they require a combination of specialised criminal defence and a lawyer with an ability to adapt to the requirements of Non-Resident Indians (NRI). We know that many times Non-Resident Indians (NRI) are falsely implicated in criminal cases in India either to extort money from them or to grab their property illegally or for any such reason. Te offer specialised criminal defence at all levels of court including Supreme Court of India.

We believe that no two cases are identical and also each client’s unique. We provide safety and comfort to Non-Resident Indians (NRI) during the pendency of their trial or appeal or any case like anticipatory bail, criminal revision, quashing of fir or permission to go abroad. In case our clients feel threatened in India, we also provide them protection of life and liberty through direction from High Courts. Our knowledgeable and seasoned experts in criminal defence practice group answer complex legal questions and direct the clients on the right legal path of sure success. We provide legal assistance when it matters most.

NRI criminal lawyers have already dealt with almost all types of cases in criminal law including cases relating to violent crimes like murder, rape, CBI investigations, hurt and grevious hurt. We have also dealt with cases relating to white-collar crimes in which no violence is involved like cases of cheating, forgery, embezzlement of funds, immigration frauds. Apart from these, we have experts who deal with cases relating to dowry (section 498 – A), criminal misappropriation of property (section 406), offences under domestic violence act, cases of shared household. Apart from these our lawyers have also assisted clients from both complainant side (prosecution) and accused side (defence) in dealing with cases of defamation where the alleged offence has taken place within India.

Be aware. Indian criminal laws may not be applicable on you. If you do not fall under the following provisions, you should not be scared at all about any criminal case in India.

188. Offence committed outside India. When an offence is committed outside India-
(a) by a citizen of India, whether on the high seas or elsewhere; or
(b) by a person, not being such citizen, on any ship or aircraft registered in India, he may be dealt with in respect of such offence as if it had been com- mitted at any place within India at which he may be found: Provided that, notwithstanding anything in any of the preceding sections of this Chapter, no such offence shall be inquired into or tried in India except with the previous sanction of the Central Government.

7 [ 4 Extension of Code to extra-territorial offences. —The provi­sions of this Code apply also to any offence committed by—
8 [(1) any citizen of India in any place without and beyond India;
(2) any person on any ship or aircraft registered in India wher­ever it may be;]
9 [(3) any person in any place without and beyond India committing offence targeting a computer resource located in India .] 10 [ Explanation .—In this section—
(a) the word “offence” includes every act committed outside India which, if committed in India, would be punishable under this Code;
(b) the expression “computer resource” shall have the meaning assigned to it in clause (k) of sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Information Technology Act, 2000.]
11 [Illustration] 12 [***] A, 13 [who is 14 [a citizen of India ] ], commits a murder in Uganda. He can be tried and convicted of murder in any place in 15 [ India ] in which he may be found. 16 [***]

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