debt equity market lawyers

The complexities in the debt capital market should always dealt with under the supervision of an expert. Our debt equity market lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana will help you cope with rapid changes. With their years’ of experience in practicing in Punjab and Haryana High Court, our lawyers help you deal with the complexities arising in the debt capital markets. Our team comprising of veteran lawyers hold an expertise in dealing with standalone, convertible and high yield bonds including bond restructurings. With a deep understanding of the debt capital markets, our topnotch debt equity market lawyers assist the clients in bond transactions involving sovereigns and governments. They also have a first-hand experience in liability management exercises.

debt instruments in capital markets

Our leading debt equity market advocates give legal advice to the clients on several debt instruments in capital markets. Notes, mortgages, leases, debentures, bonds and certificates are some of the debt instruments in capital markets. With the help of these instruments the market participants can easily transfer the ownership of debt from one party to another. Such transactions can give birth to complexities or unlawful status quo. Our attorneys will help you deal with such complexities by providing innovative and legitimate solutions. Further, they will patiently guide you regarding the intricacies of laws which dictate debt and capital market.

Financial goals and legal compliance

Our chosen attorneys will guide you on how to raise capital by issuing debt instruments in capital markets. They also represent their clients before various courts and tribunals. Our lawyers help clients in attaining their financial goals by complying with legal framework of corporate governance. They provide tailored legal advice to agents, trustees and other professional service providers in capital markets dealing with structured debt instruments and debt products. Our lawyers who have years’ of experience in corporate governance have a deep conceptual understanding of laws pertaining to Debt and Equity market. With their expertise and experience they will help you deal with new issuances and existing transactional issues. They also offer unprecedented and viable solutions to clients as soon as any debt equity market issue arises.