Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana possess a deep understanding of insolvency, conflict of laws and netting and set-off which aid to resolve legal issues relating to derivatives law. Our lawyers render legal services to clients on transactions in derivatives and structured products. They ensure that all the transactions related to derivatives adheres to necessary legal compliance. Our veteran lawyers assist clients on various forms of derivative contracts including over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives such as swaps and exchange-traded derivatives (ETD). Our attorneys also render legal advice to clients on tax implications of various derivatives traded through specialized derivatives exchanges or other exchanges.

Our lawyers are well versed with different forms of derivatives instruments and contracts. Future contracts, forward contracts, option contracts and swaps to name a few. They assist clients in structuring and documenting modern forms of derivatives. Our lawyers also assist clients in handling derivatives in alternative insurance finance and risk transfer. Clients seek support on legal issues relating to embedded derivatives and financial instruments. Our lawyers have years of experience in this domain. They hold proficiency in handling transactions related to embedded derivatives and financial instruments. In this domain, our lawyers guide clients on credit and index-linked bonds, warrants and certificates.

Market dislocation has affected the structured finance vehicles adversely. Our lawyers who hold expertise in derivatives assist clients to resolve legal issues of structured product vehicles. This type of legal assistance is needed the most in capital markets, taxation issues, restructuring arrangements and regulatory mechanisms. Our lawyers ensure that every transaction relating to structured product vehicles is undertaken by complying with the stringent laws. The regulatory environment in which derivatives operate is changing at an exponential rate. To sustain in this changing environment, clients need professional legal advice and services. Our lawyers ensure compliance counseling in all jurisdictions to clients. The pragmatic skills of our lawyers enable them to draft complex contracts with all ease and without any hassle. Clients in past have benefited from the services of our lawyers and have fostered their businesses with the expert advice of our lawyers.