Falling within the ambit of Indian design law- Registered Industrial designs need vigilant protection so that they aren’t copied or imitated by your competitors. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana have been practicing Design Law from an expanded period of time. In this context, design refers to the features, pattern, composition or colors of a specific product. Offering protection to two and three dimensional designs, our Lawyers are known to put their experience and practical knowledge to the best use in order to serve clients like no other.

Well versed and updated with the knowledge of Designs Act 2000, our advocates specialize in design laws and are keen to take on even the most challenging cases. While imitation of creative products is penetrating into every possible field, our attorneys have always believed to empower their clients in order to eliminate design-based plagiarism. Knowing that imitation is not restricted to a particular segment of goods, our lawyers ensure that they stay up-to date with the ever evolving design laws. They believe in absorbing even the minutest of the detail so as to enable effective litigation process and competent representation in the court of law.

Our lawyers have served clients who were facing troubles with design elements related to consumer goods, cell phones, automobiles, cosmetics and fashion etc. Most of the cases involved another party imitating designs of the aforementioned products. To tackle such cases, our design advocates make the best use of their practical knowledge and decipher brilliant strategies which help them in compelling the panelists to rule in the client’s favor.

Rendering expert legal advice to clients, it is always best to consult our lawyers before you begin mass-production of your product. Reason being, not only our advocates will help you file for design patents, they will ensure that all the legal dimensions are covered which will eventually bring-in solid design registrations, hence barring competitors to even try to imitate. In addition, our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist in design registration at the global level as well.