The increasing trend of direct lending in today’s unpredictable market conditions demand the legal conventions to be in place. Our leading lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist clients to incorporate direct lending transactions within the legal framework in a timely fashion. Direct lending is a source of raising funds from lenders other than banks and, borrowers are usually small and medium enterprises. Our efficient advocates who deal in direct lending help clients in selecting direct lenders in the financial market including wealthy individuals and asset management firms. After enlightening clients about various direct lenders, our attorneys help clients to shortlist the best suited direct lender for the business. Our lawyers further assist clients on various legal documentations.

Our lawyers who hold years’ of experience in handling direct lending transactions ensure that all legal documentations are in place. The farsightedness of lawyers enables them to draft complex contracts of direct lending safeguarding both borrowers and lenders. With the support of lawyers from other practice areas like advisory, taxation and finance; our lawyers are able to offer the best legal advices on structuring of funds in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. They guide clients on how to utilize funds in the best possible way to enjoy tax benefits. Our top lawyers of direct lending in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana render legal services to clients on pension funds held by government and private insurers, state instrumentalities and private sector, domestic and foreign private equity houses and hedge fund managers. The services of our lawyers is not restricted to direct lenders. They also guide various financial institutions while taking care of the legal framework during stages of lending. Our lawyers legally represent the court case of clients at all stages of litigation and arbitration.

Our solicitors are well versed with the lending and financial laws. They hold years of experience in this domain and when coupled with the support of other attorneys from other related practice areas likes taxation, capital markets, litigation and arbitrations; the assistance provided to clients is impregnable. Clients in past have benefited from the legal services of our lawyers hence improving overall client retention.