Disputes with Builders and Developers

  • Disputes with builders and developers

Our builders and construction disputes practice group deals with NRI cases involving owners, builders and developers, contractors and subcontractors in relation to litigation arising from projects of residential or commercial nature. We study the terms of agreements and contracts made by builders and developers regarding construction, possession, CLU, ownership, quality aspects and return on investment. We understand the grievances of disputes with developers and the legal regimes which are applicable on builders and developers. Our lawyers have dealt with innumerable disputes relating to construction contracts including defective construction, disputes regarding finance and accounting, professional negligence, claims and damages against builders and contractors.

We assist our NRI clients in resolving disputes at the earliest stage possible because we understand that for our clients, it is important to have either possession of the disputed property or return of their money with interest. We are not retained by any builder or construction company because of the innumerable cases which we handle against them. Apart from litigation, we advise clients to consider alternate forms of disputes redressal mechanisms when both the parties are agreeable on that.

The cases in relation to builders and developers are filed in consumer court and it is not preferred to file such cases in civil court because of the arbitration clauses present in contracts. Normally, such cases are decided in a span of 6 to 8 months and consumer courts are always more inclined to decide in favor of the consumer and against the builders and developers. Because of the consumer bias of consumer courts throughout India and the understanding of consumer welfare statute by the courts, millions of consumers in India have won cases against builders and developers.

Important statutes in relation to disputes with builders and real estate developers are:-

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