Domain name constitutes your online identity and creates the much needed air of distinction amongst you and your competitors. It is an integral online asset and should be protected by expert lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana who specialize in domain name litigation. As the online space is experiencing an increase in competition, there are a lot of competitors out there who are ever willing to mint money using your domain name for selfish reasons.

Popularly categorized as Domain name hijackers, every business entity needs to keep such elements at bay so that it does not affect the inner-functioning and profit-making potential of the company. Our lawyers have been practicing in this field for long and are familiar with even the most intricate provisions. They strive to keep their knowledge updated so as to cope up with the changing trends. Our lawyers have the ability to chalk out a comprehensive domain name policy which helps in avoiding future conflicts. This helps in protecting your brand name from online miscreants who indulge in fabricating fraudulent domain names in order to reap benefits off your company.

Our lawyers who specialize in domain name litigation and representation keep a tab on the domain names of their clients’ companies in order to identify trade violations (if any). Using search engines, our advocates are able to keep themselves up-to date which assists in finding out if any counterfeit activity is going on against the domain name of their client. Further, if they come across any violation which is even remotely damaging, they use their expertise of rendering take-down notices which usually compels the fraudulent party to abandon their malpractices.

With the help of constant vigilance, our lawyers are ensuring that cyber-squatting is contained aptly without hurting any of their client. In addition, If the situation calls for litigation, our lawyers find out details of the case and formulate an effective strategy by working diligently only to ensure complete protection of your domain name. With a remarkable track record, our expert lawyers have carved their niche in this field.