Energy sector in the Indian economy is heavily regulated. Our Energy Law lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana aid clients to comprehend and incorporate these code of practices. The Supreme Court takes a rigorous view of violations of energy protocols. Thus, our veteran lawyers assist clients to comply with the legal framework for effective functioning of the energy industries.

Our advocates render legal advice to clients on gas exploration activities both onshore and offshore. They also assist clients on several legal issues pertaining to oil and gas including oil & gas leases, joint operating, burden on prodjuction, gathering and storage agreements, exploration and development agreements, and legal issues arising out of contractual point venture accounting procedures. Our lawyers extend their expertise to independent power producers, cooperative and municipal utilities, investor-owned utilities, and project sponsors in acquisitions, joint ventures, gas sales agreement, project development, equity and debt financing, and power purchase agreements.

With years’ of experience of rendering legal services to some of the world’s foremost producers of wind, solar, water, geothermal energy, biomass and biofuel products; our lawyers specialize in resolving legal issues arising out of intricate political, legal and regulatory setup. Our advocates also assist clients on usage of land and permitting issues, construction intricacies, property acquisitions and contracts and contract disputes. Clients seek our lawyers’ expert advice in formulating innovative and creative strategies to attain business objective by minimizing the regulatory risk. The sole motto of our advocates is to help clients attain long term business goals without falling in the snares of energy laws.

Our senior solicitors in the sector of energy have abundant hands-on experience which enable them to represent both regulated entities and customers before courts and tribunals. With the unique perception of the issues affecting energy industries, our leading advocates anticipate and resolve legal issues before our clients tangled with such issues. Clients in past have profited from the regulatory services of our advocates which encompass several issues including rate and tariff matters, appellate litigation, administrative hearings, enforcement actions, reliability standards, compliance planning and training, certificates and authorizations, corporate and finance activities, industry restructurings, and many more.