The impact of industrialization on environment has been drastic and it’s becoming more serious with each passing day. The global awareness about the same has been on the upswing and this has resulted in initiating a couple of measures internationally which has impacted the environment laws across the world. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana render legal services pertaining to the ever-evolving environment laws. Our lawyers are well-equipped with the latest environment regulatory regimes.

Clients seek expert advice of our lawyers in different areas of environmental practice: regulatory, litigation and compliance issues. Under environmental regulatory, our advocates assist clients on legal issues pertaining to environmental media and related statutes. They assist clients on legal issues including environmental review/project development, compliance counseling/audits, permitting, enforcement, rule making and chemical regulation. Under environmental litigation, our solicitors represent clients before state high courts and tribunals nationwide. They assist clients in formulation and incorporation of strategies corresponding with the risk and business goals of a particular litigation which includes trying the case as well.

Under environmental practice group, our advocates guide clients on multifaceted transactions relating to contamination and environmental compliance issues. They guide clients on usage of voluntary cleanup programs, the negotiation of cleanup closures and no-liability assurances from agencies whilst agreeing on terms to alleviate the risk. Under environmental legal affairs, our lawyers assist clients in understanding the potential threats and opportunities presented by environment regulatory regimes. They also assist clients in developing and incorporating central and state government relations programs to aid clients in attaining public policy goals.

Over the years, our ace lawyers in the sector of environment have shown their mettle. With the negotiation skills of our lawyers, clients were able to get rid of toughest challenges pertaining to environment regulatory compliance. Our advocates extend their legal services in a broad scope of industries including banking, electric/natural gas utilities, agricultural, commercial retail, pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, renewable energy and waste management. Our lawyers hold specialization in environment matters like environment audits, toxic tort claims, land use and natural resource management, contaminated land liabilities, product safety controversies, water and air pollution and habitats & biodiversity.