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Securing your wealth and safeguarding your legacy. This is mission of LexLords Estate Management services.

Under one umbrella, LexLords provides exhaustive services and tailored legal strategies for Non Resident Indians, Persons of Indian Origin, Foreign Nationals and their families. We are committed to our clients’ interests and we understand confidential matters of our clients that cut across generations. Having served clients hailing from diverse backgrounds, we understand the responsibilities that an expert estate manager has.

We provide integrated property advice to NRI along with full range of legal services based on our decades of collective knowledge and in-depth experience of laws relating to inheritance, succession, probate, estates and trusts, tax, property litigation and real estate. Our foundations are laid on the litigation prowess of our team of lawyers who well-known as the trusts and estates area. We start estate management with completing property documentation and keeping it up to date. This means all records like jamabandi (aka fard), khasra girdawari, mutation entries, registered sale deeds.

Our estate management services include:-

Asset Protection

The best way to safeguard your wealth and secure your assets is financial planning for future generations. We assist our NRI clients with our asset protection strategies that are based on NRI and other relevant property laws to protect their wealth and assets, guiding NRI on sale, purchase, title search, illegal encroachments and possessions, ensuring that no person takes possession of property by illegal means, ensuring that tenants pay rent in time and evict property when asked, maintaining the property and keeping it compliant as per government regulations, minimize risks of property disputes and litigation, assisting NRI in property litigation, and minimize direct and indirect taxes.

Business Succession

Owners of closely held businesses require expert advice on business succession planning to prevent litigation within family which can continue for decades. Successfully implemented, families across generations reap the benefits of our business succession planning. Our services include structuring of LLPs and private limited companies and tax planning. Our tailored advice enables our clients to weigh the options and then make informed decisions in relation to the incidence of taxation and risks and opportunities involved in their businesses. In case personal wealth of NRI is inextricably tied to a business within or outside India, we combine our corporate advice and estate management experience to accomplish these twin goals in a cost effective manner.

Charitable Planning

LexLords provides services to private trusts, charitable trusts, organisations and tax-exempted institutions including consultancy relating to their formation and incidence of taxation. Several of our property consultants are retained by banks and trust companies for compliance issued in relation to international tax issues.

Apart from that, LexLords assists NRI in achieving their philanthropic goals by creating for them lifetime and testamentary charitable trusts and providing NRI tried and tested techniques to achieve twin goals of charity and tax reduction.

Estate Planning

We provide unique advice based on unique interests and goals of our clients. To achieve their personal and business objectives, we design individualized tax-savvy estate plans. Our estate plans are based on current tax regime, central and state laws that have bearing on the future wealth of individuals and families. We make sure that our estate plans are flexible enough that our NRI clients may adapt themselves if laws change in future.

In past, we have prepared wills and trusts for NRI and PIOs and have taken care of estate and gift taxes. We also make estate plans to ensure the transfer of personal wealth for philanthropic goals of NRI. Our lawyers have assisted NRI in international estate planning to mitigate chances of litigation within family.

Trust & Estate Dispute Resolution & Litigation

LexLords leads the legal sector in the resolution of legalities relating to trusts and estates. Our premier wealth planners who manage wealth, plan trusts, estates and charitable institutions, always work in cohesion with our expert litigators. This is because a dispute in trusts and estates requires not only full comprehension of laws relating to wills and trusts, but also the sensitivity and understanding of the family issues of NRI. LexLords expertise and experience provides a greater chances for a favorable result.

Although litigation may arise in matters relating to trusts and estates, their best resolution lies in mediation, arbitration or other types of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Our NRI trusts and estates lawyers have experience in assisting the parties in opting the best legal dispute resolution mechanism for amicable resolution of such disputes.

Tax Planning & Tax Controversies

LexLords provides tax advice to NRI that suits their business and personal objectives. In case of NRI, estate planning becomes complex. So apart from estate planning, trusts, business succession planning, we assist NRI in tax planning in relation to estate and trusts to avoid any legal or regulatory issues in future.

Our lawyers and CAs represent clients before tax authorities, ITAT and High Courts. We negotiate directly with tax authorities to reduce tax burden and try to resolve tax disputes to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We also handle audit matters, appeals and revisions on proposed transactions.

Trust & Estate Administration & Probate

Our key expertise lies in assisting NRI individuals, executors and trustees at all stages of probate and trust administration. Our experience also includes probate practice, valuation of estate assets, completing of estate documentation and income tax returns, the distribution of assets of the estate to NRI estate beneficiaries residing abroad, and tax planning in India to facilitate the transfer of wealth in India from one generation to another.

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