To safeguard consumers, stakeholders and environment’s interest; the food, drugs, medical device and agriculture industry is heavily regulated. Many hard-to-comprehend and difficult-to-implement statutes are formulated to ensure safety of consumers, stakeholders and environment. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana offer a unique combination of top-tier, highly focused counseling, litigation and regulatory services to food, drugs, medical device and agriculture industries to help them comply with these extremely technical statutes.

Our leading advocates in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana render an array of legal services including compliant product development and approval, development and implementation; and compliance with government inspections, food safety and advertising requirements, product recalls and regulatory and criminal investigations. They ensure that every transaction pertaining to marketing of food, drugs and medical devices is within legal framework. Our advocates also assist clients in dealing with legal issues relating to agriculture sector which is the backbone of Indian economy. They ensure that all legal formalities, compliance and other legalities are in place.

Our solicitors hold expertise in the domain of food and beverage, medical devices, and pharmaceutical & biotechnology. They possess an insightful knowledge of the tinges of these complex legal domains. Our advocates build a strong relationship with relevant agencies and legislative committees by assisting them through multiple processes of product review, approval and regulatory compliance. Our lawyers formulate strategies in a way that align with business objectives of clients, thus, aiding them to attain their long term business goals by complying with rules and statutes pertaining to food, drugs, medical device and agriculture sector of the Indian economy.

A diverse group of clientele including manufacturers, distributors, research institutions, retailers, biotechnology firms and trade associations have benefited from the legal services and advisory of our veteran lawyers. Our advocates in the domain of food, drugs, medical device and agriculture render tailored legal services to clients on issues pertaining to rise of global consumer markets, retail consolidation, supply chain intricacy, and health, safety and environmental concerns. Our experienced lawyers present the court case of clients before courts and tribunals. They ensure that even the minuscule detail relating to clients’ court case is taken care of at all stages of litigation.