Inevitably one needs to enter into numerous contracts if he/she is engaged in a business demanding association with government. These contracts administer crucial terms and conditions regarding the collaboration between businesses and the government, which due to lack of understanding may come across as a mere formality to a layman. Our leading lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist clients in drafting and signing of these substantial contracts. During collaboration between businesses and the government, our lawyers also assist clients on several provisions including duration of agreement, payment terms, termination clause, survival clause and limitation of liability.

Our veteran lawyers aid businesses, nonprofits and community organizations foster by rendering legal services pertaining to government contracts. Some of the services include legislative and executive branch lobbying; procurement, negotiation and maintenance of government contracts; campaign finance and ethics compliance; formation of public-private partnerships and economic development initiatives. By building close interpersonal relationships with both the industry and the government, our advocates offer sound and viable legal advice, opinions and litigation services to clients. With years’ of experience in handling government contracts, our solicitors assist clients in extracting contractual obligations from the government like a pro.

Our lawyers have represented a diverse group of clienteles ranging between leading industries and emerging companies and organizations. We have a long list of clients who have benefited from the services of our experts. Defense and aerospace contractors, telecommunication providers, information technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, energy and environmental contractors, universities, medical centers and other research organizations to name a few. Our solicitors have the ability and experience to assist clients with project conceptualization, design and incorporation to aid clients advance community’s vision.

Doing a business which demands alliance with government is not a cakewalk. In such businesses, compliance with government contracts is crucial and on failing to do so, the business can land into a big trouble. Our ace lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist clients in tackling issues pertaining to government contracts. They ensure that a client enter into a government contract by complying with multiple jurisdictions. Our lawyers aim to serve clients with full zeal and professionalism.