It is substantial for the health sector of the country to be in good health. Thus, a major part of budget is kept aside for the health sector whilst formulating economic and social policies. The development of a country is compared with its health. The healthier a nation is the faster is its development. However, to ensure a healthy nation, the government has formulated certain stringent laws pertaining to health regulatory mechanism. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana render legal backup for an organization’s health regulatory compliance requirements.

Our advocates handling the health sector assist clients on a gamut of health care laws and services including developing, monitoring and documenting compliance programs; negotiating, implementing and auditing corporate integrity agreements; addressing regulatory and operational issues; addressing medical records and privacy issues; establishing health information exchanges; restructuring business; procuring public financing for hospitals and related entities; recruiting and retaining physicians; drafting physician contracts and non-compete agreements; responding to legal crises; obtaining license, completing fair market value documentation and avoiding civil monetary penalties. Our advocates ensure that the client’s company is fully compliant with the regulatory framework applicable to products and services of the company.

Our advocates hold expertise and hands-on experience in the sector of health. In past clients were highly satisfied with the services of our lawyers and their reliable & viable professional advice. We have had a diverse clientele ranging from startups to multinational enterprises. Some of our clients include manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology products; health insurers; suppliers of health information technology; healthcare service providers like hospitals, academic health centers, ambulatory surgery centers, cancer care centers and hospices; groups of healthcare professionals like dentists, physicians, nurses and physiotherapists; sponsors and administrators of employee health plan.

The health sector is high regulated and it is substantial for health care providers, suppliers and other entities to remain in compliance of multiple jurisdictions to be successful. Our ace lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana have years’ of experience in counseling nonprofit and for-profit organizations both onshore and offshore. They bring multiple perspectives pertaining to health industry to the table.