Human rights lawyers

Human rights entail a wide range of legal precedents designed specifically to empower every single human being. This section of the law deals with issues incorporating violation with respect to article 21 of the Constitution of India. In addition to this, anything that hints towards danger to life and property by government forces, public agent or violation of certain rights falls within the gigantic ambit of Human rights. In such a situation, it is absolutely necessary to hire a competent lawyer who specializes in this particular aspect. Our experienced attorneys who deal with myriads of possibilities arising out of the ambit of Human rights believe in understanding the requirements of clients in order to serve them in the best possible way. Know more about us

Upholding spirit of constitution

Our Lawyers in Chandigarh High Court have in-depth knowledge pertaining to the legal framework that surrounds Human rights. Dealing with court cases that usually bring up Article 14 (equality before law), Article 21 (protection of life) and Article 22 (protections against arrest and detention in certain cases) amongst others, our Lawyers are familiar with different layers of the Indian Constitution entailing provisions that empower Human beings by granting specific rights. Our lawyers first and foremost duty is to ensure that the client is aware of all the rights s(he) has. Following that, our empathetic attorneys chalk out a basic plan wherein the demands of the client are considered. This results in a diligently design lawsuit which caters to all the requirements of the client. One of the most praiseworthy characteristic of our attorneys dealing in human rights is that our Lawyers take up Human rights cases because they are extremely passionate about helping people in distress. This renders and empathetic edge which helps our attorneys to understand the case from the client’s perspective.

Right to live with dignity

As our Lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana have years of experience in this field, they are familiar with legal protocols and have the knowledge and skills to contemplate how a legal precedent is connected with other rules and regulations. Having a broader perspective helps our Human Rights Attorneys in viewing the problem with a wider lens. In addition, our Attorneys are passionate about finding details as well. Before the onset of litigation, our lawyers leave no stone unturned in finding necessary details pertaining to a case. With micro and macro managing going on simultaneously, our Lawyers dealing in Human Rights and its provisions end up strong-arming their representation by presenting compelling evidence. Our lawyers believe that every human has the right to live with dignity without facing any sort of exploitation. Over the years, our Lawyers have been actively involved in enforcing child rights, dalit rights, disability rights, food rights, H.I.V./Aids related issues amongst others. Reason being, our lawyers are passionate about this cause and do not simply consider it their job to provide aid to an exploited life. They consider it as their duty to empower their clients so that they understand their rights and spend a life which is full of dignity and honour.