Crossing borders is on the list of many companies’ growth objectives. Thus, governments across the globe are formulating rigorous laws and policies to regulate the complexity arising in the global marketplace. Our leading lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana ensure that companies comply with legal framework whilst carrying out business cross borders. They impart knowledge to clients on multiple jurisdictions.

Our advocates in the field of international trade and investment render an array of legal services to clients including international mergers and acquisitions; protection and enforcement of international intellectual property rights, compliance with international corporate and tax structures; cross-border commercial contracting; economic sanctions; trade-agreement negotiations; anti-dumping; countervailing duty; international franchising and distributions; international employment and benefits including immigration and global mobility; worldwide inbound and outbound transactions and tax planning; restructuring and opening of international operations and many more. Our advocates dealing with international trade and investment assist clients in handling complex issues arising out of multiple jurisdictions pertaining to export and import.

Our lawyers have hands-on experience of resolving complex legal issues relating to international trade and investment. Our advocates assist clients on protection of foreign investment by analyzing and interpreting investment agreements including bilateral and multilateral protection treaties. Our solicitors possess in-depth knowledge of the most intricate aspects of World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements. By imparting this knowledge to private businesses, our advocates aid clients to foster their business not just within the country but outside the country, too.

Our senior advocates offer expert guidance to a diverse group of clients including export credit agencies and commodities traders. Our solicitors who hold legal hands-on experience pertaining to trade and export, provide tactical legal advice to multilateral institutions and state instrumentality. Our leading lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana ensure an array of legal services to clients to resolve legal issues to best of their abilities. Our attorneys provide tailor-made legal advice to clients and assist them in tax-exempt import and export issues. Clients by seeking expert advice of our lawyers were able to foster their businesses across the globe in past. Our ace attorneys believe in leading from front which results in a higher clientele satisfaction rate.