investment fund lawyers

Global economic crisis has compelled State regulatory authorities throughout the world to formulate stringent laws with an intention of keeping a strict vigil over the actions carried out by investment funds. Our team of leading lawyers with their expertise will help you comply with these stringent rules and regulations judiciously. To successfully find a way out through the maze of countless financial regulations in multiple jurisdictions, clients need expert advice and our lawyers ensure you tailored advice which is formulated according to requirements of a specific client. With a deep understanding of the investment fund management industry our dedicated investment fund lawyers assist the clients on how the industry operates, ensuring a global as well as national perspective while dealing with Investment fund laws.

International as well domestic Investment markets

Our veteran advocates provide the clients with all the legal services ranging from inception of funds to its disposal or dissolution. Our lawyers work with the support of chartered accountants and taxation experts in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of laws related to Investment fund. They have years of experience and have dealt in domains like equity and debt capital markets which has only helped them hone their skills for dealing with even the most complicated situations. Our lawyers are renowned in this field and have served clients from International as well domestic Investment markets. Catering to a diverse clientele base including banks, investors and professional service providers across the world, our lawyers have widened their vision and have a great understanding how Investment markets and institutions work.

hedge funds, debt funds and infrastructure

Our investment fund lawyers create tailored structures as per the need of every client. The clients in both developed and developing economies have benefitted from our services. Our lawyers have provided services in complex investment related legal issues like real estate and infrastructure projects including PPP. They have also guided the clients to deal with the complexities related to hedge funds, debt funds and infrastructure. Along with rendering expert legal advice, our lawyers have a very deep understanding regarding the requirements of a client. This is one of the many reasons why our lawyers have been termed as excellent service providers, time and again.