Association with us

To provide best legal services to our clients, we are always in search of legal associates to whom we can employ. We get thousands of cases each year and allocate them to our in-house lawyers as per their area of expertise. For example – if you are in our Gurugram team as a criminal lawyer, you will be handling 10-15 new criminal cases in Gurugram each month. Similar is the case for family lawyers, property lawyers and the like. To ensure perfect implementation, we pay handsome monthly salary to our lawyers.

Experience & Expertise

We believe in delivering quality services only. Our clients expect results. We therefore prefer lawyers with minimum experience of 10 years in practice of law. You can send us an email with your CV (mentioning your area of expertise) to be our associate in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. After carefully examining your CV, we will visit your office to meet you along with three references who can recommend you to us.

Freshers and those who have completed graduation (having license to practice law) can still apply to us to assist our main lawyers in different courts in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. Freshers need to send us their CV  (mentioning their area of expertise). We select freshers on the basis of three, 500 word original articles, written by them. If any copied sentence is found, a candidate is permanently blacklisted.

Note – freshers do not represent our clients. They assist our lawyers and are paid for legal assistance.