The business world is being governed by multiple jurisdictions. Hence, it is becoming difficult for the industry to keep a track of every legal provision and comply with its legal framework. Industry leaders are often confused between whether to spend time ensuring business compliant or spend time on devising strategies to attain business goals. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist clients to comply with all the statutes that are applicable to their businesses, so they can spend more time devising profitable strategies.

Our veteran lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana possess in-depth knowledge of various statutes that are applicable to industries. Clients with the help of our lawyers are able to ensure up-to-date legislative compliance of the businesses. Our solicitors in the domain of legislation and political law compliance render legal services to clients on a gamut of issues pertaining to politics, legislative provisions and government policy making.

Before finalizing the statute, the government often seek industry’s views making it substantial to draft a comprehensive report on legal issues affecting the industry. Our lawyers hold years’ of experience in drafting such reports and representing clients’ business interests before the government. Our solicitors ensure that the government is convinced on an array of issues affecting the businesses and formulate statutes accordingly. Our advocates believe in leading from front. They represent clients’ court case before courts and tribunals. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana ensure that the case is taken care of at all stages of litigation.

The services of our lawyers is not limited to the corporate houses, but our lawyers also extend their services to governments that entail expert analysis and formulation of legislation; demanding sound technical, analytical and perceptive inputs on the working conditions of the industries. Our lawyers have represented clienteles from a diverse group of industries ranging from establishing startups to multinational organizations. Our lawyers have a client base both in India and outside India. Our lawyers aim to assist clients in complying with multiple jurisdictions completely and on failing to do so, they ensure a viable solution then and there.