Senior Advocates in LexLords

Senior advocate is a designation given by judges to lawyers unanimously chosen by them as senior advocates. The designation denotes that these lawyers are better and different from others. A senior advocate is designated as senior advocate under section 16 of the Advocates Act 1961. LexLords has senior advocates who are expert in 1 legal practice area. We allocate a case to a senior advocate who has expertise in handling that particular legal issue. We believe that a person must deal with experts in particular areas of law like senior advocates for criminal cases, senior advocates for property disputes, senior advocates for rent matters and the like. For example – if you have a property related case in Chandigarh High Court and you want a senior advocate, you must hire that senior advocate who specializes in property related litigation. Please note that the words “senior advocate” can be used only for lawyers in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh. Any advocate practicing in district court can not use the words “senior advocate” along with his name.