The consumption on-air and online content has experienced a staggering surge and this has led to an overall growth of successful media houses. But these media houses have been facing a wide-array of challenges on a daily basis. Every other day, people with vested interests are busy defaming media channels which ultimately leads to a resource crunch within these offices. With the services of our Lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana, such media offices can sustain and progress while warding off these problems for good.

A lot of times such set-ups end up in litigious procedures which hampers the everyday functioning of the company. Such incidents can suck the energy out of the office thereby resulting in poor output. Our advocates who are experts in Media, Litigation and Counseling are the perfect remedy to deal with such situations. Major media houses are often blamed for defamation, privacy breach, violations of copyrights with unauthorized usage of material. Such challenges are more than enough to throw any company off balance.

As our lawyers are fully aware and understand the hassles faced by such media houses, they keep themselves updated with the industry trends and follow the legal precedents very diligently. Assisting different media channels with a host of services ranging from litigation and counseling, our Media lawyers are well-versed with the latest updates on the Freedom of Press placed under Article 19 of the constitution of India.

Our expert layers are known for rendering litigation services to these offices while our counseling lawyers have a diligent approach whilst suggesting the content of daily news publishing. Our advocates are known to give out documents stating the sensitive thereby saving media channels from rendering news or headlines which pose as a possible threat in the future. Our experts sit and discuss with these offices to explain how perception and law works.

Rendering expert legal opinion on publishing and licensing agreements, our advocates provide expert consultancy services which are customized according to the dynamics of a media firm. Suggestions related to content-licensing, character licensing and accounting disputes are dispersed periodically, thus maintaining the overall balance.