Merger and Acquisition lawyers

Due to involvement of two different legal entities of companies, Merger and Acquisition laws usually involve numerous provisions which can only be understood by an expert of the respective field. Our lawyers who hold expertise in mergers and acquisitions will take care of your case at all stages of litigation. With years of experience in handling complex mergers and acquisition, our lawyers can also help the clients carry out restructuring of the organization by complying with the legal rules and regulations. Offering services to all types of clients ranging from investment banks to big corporate houses, our lawyers comprise of dedicated attorneys who ensure that the clientele benefits from the experience irrespective of the size of the deal. As our Lawyers have an experience in handling transnational transactions in the developing and developed economies, they are in the best position to guide clients from diverse industries on mergers and acquisition laws.

share purchase agreements and joint venture agreements

Our lawyers hold proficiency in drafting shareholders’ agreements, share purchase agreements and joint venture agreements. These are some of the documents which are usually given a lot of importance during any merger. Apart from this, our lawyers always ensure that all the possible legal contingencies are covered so that there are no surprises as the arrangement commences. Looking after every single legal aspect and provision, our lawyers equip themselves to represent even the most complicated cases pertaining to Acquisitions and Mergers. Our lawyers help the clients formulate effective strategies to deal with intricate transactional issues.

M&A in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana

Possessing a deep understanding of the industry knowledge coupled with the legal experience, the assistance provided by our lawyers to the clients is something that only few competitors in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana can match. Further, our lawyers do not believe in covering all the tasks by themselves. They do have a dedicated team of financial analysts and experts who help them in understanding the monetary complexities associated with the structure of involved companies. This kind of support and team work has ensured that over the years, our lawyers have enabled themselves to successfully represent cases pertaining to Merger and Acquisitions.