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LexLords has been one of the eminent law firms in India since past 40 years, offering legal consultation and litigations to non resident Indians in United Kingdom and around the world and represents across diverse areas of law:

  • Estate management services: estate dispute resolution and litigation, documentation, transfer of property, buying and selling, wills and trusts and many more
  • Property litigation: resolutions for disputes between co- shares, partition of property, rent disputes, succession related cases and other related cases.
  • Family disputes: divorce, domestic violence, adaption and CARA, judicial separation, maintenance, restitution of conjugal rights and many others.
  • Criminal defence: defamation, illegal custody, permission to leave, proclaimed offender, FIR, criminal appeal and many more important services

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  • United Kingdom
    • LexLords NRI Legal Services London
    • LexLords NRI Legal Services Birmingham
    • LexLords NRI Legal Services Leeds
    • LexLords NRI Legal Services Smethwick
    • LexLords NRI Legal Services Leicester

We provide clients with the customized package consisting of strategic layout of how and through which methods shall we approach and carry on with the case in order to secure achieving goals.

Our professional legal team of expert advocates commit to stand by your side at all stages of the procedure regardless of complications or difficulty of settlement or litigation’s process.

The team is reachable for 24 hours in order to makes it easier for overseas clients to contact us without a time limitations or any restrictions imposed on them. To do so, our phone lines are always open moreover clients can reach us by mail or via WhatsApp. The first consultation will be free of cost.

LexLords team’s members are always available to clear the doubts, offer second opinion or provide new information and possible ways out of the conflict or issues and assist clients on base of which criteria they need to choose how to proceed further.

Once we are authorized to represent you legally whenever needed the Wight of responsibilities and liabilities shift from your shoulders to ours and we get to act as a client’s attorney therefore there is no necessity or obligations for client to physically present oneself in India. That is why an ongoing and vigorous communication between client and us at the firm is a vital part of making it works successfully. Without effective communication with the clients the documents or information needed cannot be achieved by our advocates and it may results in unfavourable outcome. Hence, an active and mutual communication is a requisite tool in order to reach to expected end.

With our chief master minds behind the firm’s functions and decision makings LexLords has been growing every year toward better understanding of both clients needs and demand as well as functioning of legal and local provisions of law in actual settings. This valuable experience and treasure of knowledge has been inspiring our lawyers to make right decisions and take right paths.

Clients in UK can put an end to their ongoing disputes over a land kilometres away or any other legal problem which has been caused to them due to different reasons as we have all equipments, blueprints and will to go forward and claim or achieve client’s righteous title, due or possession.

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