Outsourcing refers to when a major company considers delegating or assigning a process or work to another entity. The reason for outsourcing work or process usually arises because it ends up saving a lot of time and effort for the parent company. India has been identified as the hub for outsourcing implying that a lot of foreign countries have outsourced their work to India. Being a diverse field, there are innumerable legal provisions which spread to local and global level. Thus, hiring our expert Outsourcing lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana is one of the decisions for managing the business.

This goes without saying that our lawyers possess in-depth knowledge about laws and provisions of India but at the same time, they have accumulated years of experience by working with firms who deal in outsourcing. Because of this, our outsourcing lawyers do not face any geographical challenge whilst dispersing the best of suggestions and legal advice to clients who are situated outside India. Our experienced attorneys specializing in this industry have cross-industry experience which helps in delivering outstanding results.

Such comprehensive knowledge of the law translates into concrete documents which are drafted with utmost care and precision. These agreements between two firms usually comprise of myriad of complexities which are easily understood by our lawyers and thus with their experience of dealing with international clients, they modify these agreements so that they end up favoring clients of our expert attorneys. With respect to this Industry, some of the areas our lawyers practice start from e-commerce, education, aerospace, health care, life sciences amongst others.

This list of such areas is hefty and this is solely because of a long and prosperous careers of our advocates. To add on to this list- pharmaceuticals, real estate, telecommunications, insurance and manufacturing are some of the niche fields our lawyers have worked in. Addressing off shore concerns and rendering suggestions to such entities with respect to taxation, export control and basic consultancy services, our advocates have gathered exponential knowledge which is easily the most powerful tool they possess.