Within the class of Intellectual Property Assets, Patents hold substantial value within an organization. Usually, the scenario which involves more patents directly translates into more goodwill and valuation for the entity which owns the patents. But preparing patent applications is a tricky legal procedure as it involves drafting applications which have the potential of withstanding subsequent levels of regulatory scrutiny. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana are widely known as Patent experts as they have the will and knack to draft patent applications which are seldom rejected by the concerned authorities.

A patent holder does enjoy a lot of benefits by commercially exploiting the patented product but as aforementioned, availing necessary patents which prohibits others from designing a similar product is a little difficult to avail. Therefore, such patents can only be availed with the help of our expert Patents lawyers. Unequivocally, our lawyers understand the tiniest nuances associated with patent-filing applications and the overall procedure. Holding advanced degrees in engineering, biology, physics and computer amongst others, our advocates have the technical as well as the legal knack to understand and foresee possible complications.

This is where the extensive experience of working with clients from major industries helps our lawyers to effectively represent local and multinational companies and start-ups. Our lawyers have dispersed such legal services to universities, educational set-ups and even hospitals. Now every commercial set-up does need patents to work effectively but research organizations require a different level of expertise when it comes to filing patents for innumerable products and ideas. Having associated themselves with various establishments, our lawyers are more than equipped to file patent applications, design litigation procedures to rescue your company and if need be, formulate representation strategy to influence the panelists in the court of law.

Rendering a wide array of services which included strategic counseling and Portfolio development, our lawyers function in a way which aims to increase the valuation of a company through patent licensing and enforcement of rights. Deriving such financial gains out of non-monetary aspects is one of the greatest quality possessed by our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana.