Pension lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana

To ensure a stress-free atmosphere within a company, it is extremely important to improve upon the Pension Liabilities of the former employees. This helps in motivating the employees and moreover, adhering to necessary legal compliances is essential for a firm to survive and prosper. To ensure that all the compliances are legally adhered to, our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana will help you understand Pension Laws for your own benefit. With years’ of experience of practicing in Punjab and Haryana High Court, our lawyers are eligible to give legal advice to directors, trustees, financial institutions and pension fund managers on all regulatory and legal aspects of pension funds.

settlement of pension liabilities

The fierce competition in the market has made the management of pension funds an extremely significant part of the corporate transactions. During mergers and acquisitions and related management buyouts, it is crucial to take into consideration the pension liabilities of the former employees. Settling down the pension liabilities of former employees is such an important factor that it can either make or break a substantial strategic deal. Our lawyers will help you materialize such strategic deals by complying with the legal framework related to pension laws. Our dedicated and focused lawyers help the clientele in launching and sustaining regulated pension funds schemes. They also intimate the clients on the changes to the pensioner benefits if any. With help from our lawyers, clients are able to reduce cost and prevent instability. In addition to this, after dealing with Pan-India and International clients, our lawyers have gained a wider perspective and have learnt effective tricks and solutions to cater to different type of legal entities.

other pension relates legalities

Pension disputes in any large scale industry can be unavoidable. This is why our lawyers strive to give directions and suggestions to clients so that such conflicts do not take place on a regular basis. They also assist the clientele in the intricate legalities relating to fiduciary liabilities, funding disputes, disputes with pension regulators and liabilities for deficits. With their expertise and a deep understanding about the pension funds, they help the clients resolve disputes arising out of pension funds schemes in a timely fashion.