Government decision making and formulation of policies are a continuing process and it demands an active participation from the informed strata of the society who with their vital inputs can safeguard the interests of all sections of the society. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana ensure that the government just not seek public’s advice for important decisions pertaining to formulation of legislation, but also ensure that vital and useful suggestions are incorporated and accommodated in the final policy decisions. Our leading advocates ensure that the voice of every citizen is heard.

Decision making seems to be an easy process to a layman, but the process is extensively complicated. Clients seek assistance of our clients in numerous aspects pertaining to policy advocacy. Some of the aspects are mentioned below:
• Identifying emerging policy risks and opportunities
• Legislative and regulatory framework
• Planning swaying arguments to persuade government departments, regulators and agencies
• Articulate the argument in best possible manner to create the right noise in the corridor of power
• Train the clients with oral advocacy in case they need to present the case personally before legislators and policy makers
• Shape policy and governmental decisions to best of clients’ advantage

Our public advocacy solicitors litigate in a gamut of legal arenas including product liability, mass torts, intellectual property, antitrust, securities, employment law, class actions, multi-district litigation, insurance, franchise and dealer disputes, bankruptcy, construction, contracts and other commercial litigation.

Our advocates in public advocacy hold expertise in communicating the interests of people to the legislators and policy makers. They ensure that the voice of each and every individual is heard and is reflected in the final policy and law. Our public advocacy attorneys bring a plethora of in-depth knowledge to the table and when coupled with public affairs experience, our lawyers deliver positive outcomes not just domestic level, but internationally, too. The services of our lawyers are extended to a diverse group of people ranging from individuals to big corporate houses, and establishing startups to multinational corporations.