In a data driven world, information is a vital asset which is prone to risks and challenges. To safeguard data and information many complex privacy and security laws are formed. Companies face significant compliance challenges pertaining to privacy and information management laws. Our leading lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana assist clients in evaluating and addressing privacy and information management needs before problem arises.

Our advocates dealing in privacy and information management domain render an array of legal services to clients including counseling on compliance with a gamut of state, federal and international privacy & cyber security laws and regulations; assistance with international transactions, global data transfers and international business operations; guiding clients through the full life cycle of a security breach, from prevention and mitigation to investigation and notification; and representing companies in consumer class action and business-to-business privacy-related litigation and during government investigations and enforcement actions.

Our advocates hold expertise in counseling financial services organizations on safeguarding financial data; colleges and universities on safeguarding student records and information; employers on workplace privacy, security of employee data and health information, and social media privacy; media companies on invasion of privacy, data privacy and access to information issues; and retailers and other businesses on safeguarding consumer privacy in e-commerce, outsourcing, mobile marketing and online behavioral advertising. Our advocates work closely with both industry and government which enable them to integrate public policy, legislative and regulatory considerations into the delivery of legal services.

With the hike in national and international threats to the data and information, the contemporary privacy and information management practices have undergone a huge transformation. Data protection has become one of the measures to gauge the efficacy of a company. The more data protection a company ensures the more confidential information shared by the client it can handle. Data secrecy plays a substantial role in the overall concept of information management. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana ensure that the data secrecy of a company is within the jurisdiction. They also represent clients in investigations and confrontational matters pertaining to the leakage of data both nationally and internationally.