Private Equity and Venture Capital

As globalization has scaled to massive heights, the world is becoming a global hamlet where private equity houses are showing more interest in transnational deals. To successfully seal these deals, our lawyers practicing in Punjab and Haryana High Court will assist you in understanding and following all the requisite laws regarding Private Equity and Venture Capital. We have a team of leading lawyers who offer services to private equity and venture capital houses both in India and abroad. Our lawyers offer tailored legal services to the newly incorporated businesses and companies. They represent the clients from the very formation till financing, initial public offers (IPOs) and private equity investments. With a deep understanding of venture capitalism, our attorneys dealing in private equity and venture capital assist the clients in trade sale exits, mergers and acquisitions and strategic domestic and international partnerships.

infrastructure funds, real estate and hedge funds

Our lawyers have proficiency on the formation and operation of diverse domestic and international investment funds. They deal with both onshore and offshore legal issues on behalf of clients to the best of their abilities. In case of such legal disputes, they offer valuable assistance on general corporate affairs and successfully represent private equity and venture capital houses before Punjab and Haryana High Court and other courts, forums and tribunals. With the expertise of lawyers, the clients have enhanced their profitability in the private equity funds and venture capital funds. Our lawyers have guided foreign collaborations in infrastructure funds, real estate and hedge funds. They have also provided unparalleled customized advice on innovative international projects to the clients.

cross disciplinary experience

By following a sector wise approach to crack the deals, our lawyers have successfully materialized many deals both in India and abroad. The clienteles throughout the world have benefited from the services. Our experienced lawyers hold a deep understanding of the private equity and venture capitalism. The cross disciplinary experience permits them to serve the clients with discerned advice. Thus, the clients are enabled to make substantial investment decisions which also enhances their ability to formulate cross-border growth strategies. With a vision that is always inching ahead towards perfection, our lawyers with their pragmatic skills offer solutions to the complexities as soon as they arise.