The consumer market and the general frame within which professionals work has come a long way. Both the areas have had introduction of new legal rules and regulations and it is an ever-evolving space. This is why it is imperative to comprehend the legal aspects and our Lawyers have been constantly updating themselves with respect to all the legal precedents, as and when they arrive. Product and professional liability fundamentally work on the same principle. However, there are some basic differences amongst both the terms and it is important to understand that product liability usually lies with a manufacturing organization. It dictates the liability that arises out of selling a product i.e. the organization can be held responsible for selling defective goods which in turn can harm the health of the consumer. Whereas professional liability weighs around how well an individual professional is dispersing his or her duties towards the organization. For instance, professional liability for a chartered accountant would entail if the said professional has carried out the assigned duties to the full potential or not. Our lawyers who have been dealing within these specific frameworks have tons of experience when it comes to ascertaining if professional or product liability arising out of a certain situation is legitimate or not. Know more about us

Product Liability

Assisting corporate clients who manufacture on a large scale and distribute on an even larger turf, it is not easy to ensure that all the statute regulatory compliances are fulfilled by the organization. But with our competent attorneys who have been involved in product liability litigation and representation, it becomes a systematic process wherein all the legal compliances are adhered to in the best possible way which ultimately reduces the overall scope of product liability that the corporates need to bear by default. As the legal precedents are taken care of, our Lawyers are always successful in retaining corporate clients who wish to use their legal aid, time and again. Further, if clients are facing lawsuits pertaining to product liability, our lawyers step up and design the best representation episodes which can move even the most opinionated panelists.

Some examples of product liability are:-

  1. Defective product sold by a retailer
  2. Injurious product sold without warning
  3. Wrong billing for profit motive

Professional Liability

Rules within workplaces have changed and they keep on evolving with every single year. A lot of corporate and tech giants have had troubles managing this aspect because it gets difficult to ascertain if the extent of professional liability is within legal boundaries or not. Our lawyers practicing professional liability laws have a deep understanding of professional risk issues which helps them in providing various businesses with practical and commercial solutions which further assist in resolving complex legal disputes. Our advocates are uniquely positioned which enables them to gather valuable experience from diversified local and global markets. Providing assistance in professional liability matters related to baking, pension, financial and corporate finance amongst others, our lawyers have an impressive rate when it comes to retaining major corporate houses and financial institutions.

Some examples of professional liability are:-

  1. Complaints against Chartered Accountants
  2. Complaints against Doctors
  3. Complaints against advocates