Managing legal risks that accompany huge projects and taking care of construction disputes are primarily the major tasks for Projects, engineering and Construction lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. Government or nationalized organizations, contractors who operate at a global level and consultancies have hired our lawyers in the past for availing their expertise in this field. To render legal advice in this aspect, it a prerequisite for a lawyer to be properly informed about the industry knowledge with respect to engineering and construction projects. To begin with construction works, our Lawyers have worked and gained experience in retail, warehousing and office development. They have decent knowledge about the legal framework with respect to refurbishment of huge structures and have always been associated with developers and builders while actively dispersing legal knowledge and fulfilling government compliance procedures. Know more about us

Public Private Partnership

In addition to this, our lawyers have rendered legal assistance to overseas construction related facilities in the past. Hence, that is how they got to know about the legalities associated with the construction of offshore and onshore facilities. Our Lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana are considered to be the only legal attorneys who have sound knowledge pertaining to this field as well. Taking care of the financial end of things, our lawyers have worked for Public Finance initiative and Public Private Partnership projects as well. For all such major projects, our Lawyers dealing in Projects, Engineering and Construction have spent a considerable amount of time and effort while learning the basics and fundamentals of this huge industry. Our lawyers are known to provide legal assistance with respect to compliance procedures as it is an important requisite demanded by the government or state authorities. As the major construction corporations struggle to fulfil all the legal compliances, our lawyers with their in-depth knowledge and legal know how have assisted these major construction players in running their projects by taking proper care of the overall legal development.

Construction legal compliances

These huge constructions projects are known to overburden their finishing timeline as they usually run into trouble with the state authorities. This is exactly where these companies need to hire our projects, engineering and construction lawyers because our attorneys will ensure that as the legal framework is taken care of, the projects will stick or adhere to the decided timeline. However, the best decision here would be to hire our expert lawyers from the very onset of the planning stage. If our expert advocates in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana are also members in the planning stage of these projects, things would run smoothly because our lawyers will introduce necessary legal compliances with the start which implies that as the project inches towards completion, they construction company won’t be at loggerheads with any governmental authority. Over the years, our advocates have had myriad of clients who wanted legal assistance with respect to projects, engineering and construction. Our lawyers have provided the best of services and that is the sole reason as to why the attrition rate is down to bare minimum.