Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana dealing with public law and policy assist clients by endorsing and safeguarding their interests at the intersection of public and private sectors. Our solicitors specialize in all public laws including constitutional law, tax law, administrative law and criminal law. With the expertise of our advocates in public law and policy, clients seek a healthy governing relationships between the government and the clients themselves.

Our advocates dealing in public law and policy render an array of legal services to safeguard the rights and interest of clients. Our lawyers assist clients in comprehending legal and commercial intricacies and political sensitivities pertaining to public law and policy. Our solicitors possess in-depth knowledge of human rights, freedom of information law and public affairs; and by imparting this knowledge to clients our advocates secure clients’ rights and interests. Our advocates possess hands-on experience of resolving intricate legal issues pertaining to public law and policy. They assist clients in representing experiences from argumentative and non-argumentative administrative and public issues so that viable solutions to the most complex problems can be figured out.

We have had a diverse group of clients in past including claimants, defendants and interested parties in commercial judicial reviews, statutory appeals and other regulatory & public law challenges; businesses and trades associations engaged efficaciously with government departments, regulators and other public bodies; public bodies exercising public law functions, including their powers & duties, governance, consultation processes, regulatory & policy design, parliamentary processes and on freedom of information law. Clients from heavily regulated industries including energy, aviation, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, tobacco, telecoms and water seek legal services of our veteran advocates.

Our advocates in public law and policy hold expertise in communicating the interests of individuals to the government. They ensure that the voice of each and every individual is heard and is reflected in the final policy and law. Our lawyers have represented a diverse group of people ranging from individuals to big corporate houses. Our solicitors have successfully represented some of the most prestigious and intricate administrative and public law cases before courts and tribunals.