With the maturity of investments made in real estate industry, the real estate lenders and borrowers have started undertaking lengthy financial transactions. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana are well versed with even the most minuscule laws pertaining to Real Estate. With a deep understanding of the prevailing market situation, our lawyers in real estate finance assist banks, borrowers and financial institutions in incorporating the most complex financial transaction within legal framework of corporate and commercial law. Our lawyers take care of court cases of clients at all stages of litigation.

Our attorneys render legal services to clients in the domain of real estate finance. They assist clients in handling real estate transactions including acquisition of land through private purchase or a statutory land acquisition process, securitization arrangements, title searches and drafting of conveyances, leases and related documents, development agreements for residential and commercial developments. Clients seek assistance of our solicitors in securing permissions and approvals from local bodies and statutory authorities with regard to real estate projects and transactions.

Our advocates suggests a suitable structure for real estate funds to clients considering Indian legal, tax and regulatory practices. The legal services of our lawyers is not restricted to real estate finance and they extend their services in capital markets, insurance and taxation issues, too. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India or abroad, conducting property inspection with due diligence, commercial and personal leases and licenses, business conducting arrangements, acquisitions, disposal and sales transactions for domestic and international clients are some of the legal services rendered by our integrated team of advocates.

Our veteran lawyers have years’ of experience in handling complex issues in banking, fund management and real estate investment trusts. They have legally represented clients in high stake real estate transactions. Also, our lawyers have assisted clients in handling intricate environmental issues relating to real estate development.
The pragmatic skills of our lawyers enable them to provide innovative and viable corporate and commercial legal advice to clients. Our lawyers focus on successes and clients’ businesses. The outcome of the expertise of our lawyers when coupled with farsightedness is invaluable.