dignity in service

Ensuring that employers, organization and government offices treat employees with dignity is one of the core agendas for Service matter lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. Our Lawyers, who are experts in this field have been assisting professional, skilled and unskilled employees with the sole intention of eliminating discrimination or exploitation at the workplace. Our Advocates in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana have been assisting employees who work in private offices, government organizations, major corporations and corporate amongst others.  Our Advocates dealing in service matter have always tried to empower employees so that they are treated with respect and fairness because that is what is dictated by employment laws of India. Industrial Dispute Act is one such act which is aimed at ensuring the welfare of employees at every possible level. As our Lawyers deal with organizations or employers who believe in exploiting their employees with the sole intention of saving recurrent expenses or cost-cutting, our lawyers have deciphered strategies which help them in deciphering a fool-proof plan before commencing the litigation. Know more about us

Employee harassment at workplace

During the start, our Lawyers strive to understand the crux of the problem of clients so that they are able to cover most of the aspects in order to achieve excellent representation standards. Having a commendable track record, our Lawyers have confronted employers whilst proving their legitimate points. Our Lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana have been successful in guiding their clients which has led to subsequent reduction in incidents relating to Employee harassment at workplaces. Protecting clients from unfair treatment, our Advocates are smart enough to use the legal weapon (reasoning) at their disposal. Legal weapons- State rules, bye-laws, laws passed by Judges in the court, legal precedents and other notifications. The aforementioned weapons are put to use while respecting the sanctity of Indian law. This implies that our lawyers use law to empower employees who have exploited at the hands of their employers. Whenever our advocated are approached by clients, the first and foremost step is to know the client’s story in detail so as to have a better perspective. This covers a lot of details which helps our lawyers to commence with the litigation. As the case commences, our advocates move step-by-step and corner the employers while using apt legal provisions.

Types of CWP and COCP

Some of the issues addressed by our Lawyers are- Pay scale disparity, Workers compensation, cases in the Labor Court, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at workplace, Unlawful Suspension and removal/dismissal of employees amongst others. As our Advocates dealing in service matter have experienced a wide range of issues, they are in a position to empower every single client in the best possible way. Most of these aforementioned issues fall within the ambit of Acts and Laws enacted specifically for safeguarding employees. Our Lawyers have in-depth knowledge of such legal provisions and are always willing to eradicate employee harassment from the roots. Keeping clients in the loops with respect to the court proceedings, our lawyers are patient enough to communicate with clients on a regular basis thus instilling necessary confidence in their clients.