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Know what clients say about us.

With the change of times, technology has become a friend to provide word-of-mouth through Google reviews. In the earlier times, if a person wanted to hire a lawyer or property management service, she used to ask her friends and friends of friends who used to refer an authentic person. Google does the same work of providing an authentic person in India to you – a person who can provide you quality legal and property management service. Google can be used to compare one business with the other with the help of past experiences of other persons with those businesses.

Example – Let us understand this with help of a simple example. Let’s say that a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) sitting in UK wants to contest a fraudulent will in India made by his own relatives. This Non-Resident Indian (NRI) searches Google which shows a list of lawyers who are expert in dealing with Non-Resident Indian (NRI) clients. Right away, this Non-Resident Indian (NRI) would prefer to user ratings and reviews by former clients. In this way Google assists people throughout the world in getting the right persons having the right “word-of-mouth” from persons having prior experience is with businesses.

Look for the stars and ratings

When you search Google for “LexLords” or “lawyers in Chandigarh” or “top lawyers in Punjab”, Google shows the following-

  1. Advertisements – some businesses which have advertised on Google appear at the top with letters “Ad” in green. These letters show that these are advertisements.
  2. List of Google businesses – this is important for us. This is the place where clients give reviews about businesses.
  3. Google search results – list of websites of lawyers which according to Google can help you.

We have contacted almost all our prior clients to get small part of their precious time so that they can write on Google reviews about their experiences with us. Google reviews also shows that the business is a verified business and large number of people know about that business. A business having lesser number of reviews or having bad reviews obviously does not care about its clients and should not be considered for business.