The Process

After you have carefully noted all the points mentioned before, you are ready to give us your case details.

  1. Contact us – You can either call, email or whatsapp us. We need to know all the relevant details of your case. Often, in cases like family law or criminal law or writs, we also need your background also. For example – for a family matter, we must know how many children do you have; for a PIL, we must know your complete background or any vested interest that you have in litigation.
  2. Your documents – We need a scanned copy of all the documents relevant to your case. You have to send us a scanned copy of all the documents so that our team of lawyers can study the case. You can also whatsapp the photographs.
  3. Get represented – We chart out a winning strategy for your case after deliberate discussions with our team  expert and experienced lawyers and allocate your case to our legal experts.

Prepare for litigation

Prepared litigants win court cases. To better prepare yourself, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What type of lawyer do you want? Do you want a top rent lawyer or the best criminal defense advocate? In other words, which law does your case relate to? You will need a lawyer for that practice area only.
  2. What is the place of litigation? You want to file a case in district court in Punjab or Haryana or Chandigarh High Court or Debt Recovery Tribunal or CAT? Many a times, lawyers in one court, say DRT, do not practice in other courts, example – Consumer Forums. You need a lawyer who practices in the court where your case will proceed.
  3. Do you have all the paperwork? Collect all the relevant documents in one place. Get them photocopied. Keep the original documents safely and always use the photocopies.

After you have considered all the above-said aspects, contact us.