With the advent of liberalization and globalization, trade across the globe has become a pushover. But a healthy insight of multiple jurisdictions is substantial to incorporate import and export transactions while complying with rules and regulations. Our lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana who hold expertise in trade and export finance assist clients on both pre-shipment finance and post-shipment finance. Our attorneys in the sector of trade and export finance render legal services to clients on pre-shipment finance including packing credit in rupees, packing credit in foreign currency, advances against incentives receivable from the government and advances against duty-drawback. The services of our attorneys extend to discussing post-shipment finance too which encompasses decisions related to purchase and discount of export documents under confirmed orders, negotiation / payment / acceptance of documents under L/C, advances against export bills sent for collection and export bills re-discounted in foreign currency.

Our veteran lawyers legally represent trade finance banks and regional & development banks before courts and tribunals. They specialize in trade and export finance and ensure that the court case of client is taken care at all stages of litigation judiciously. Our lawyers ensure that every activity relating to trade and export finance is implemented within legal framework. Our attorneys render legal advices to both borrowers and lenders of trade and export finance. They offer expert guidance to a diverse group of clients including export credit agencies and commodities traders. Our solicitors who hold legal experience in trade and export finance, provide tactical legal advice to multilateral institutions and state instrumentalities.

Our leading lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana ensure an array of legal services to clients to resolve legal issues to best of their abilities. Our attorneys provide tailor-made legal advices to clients and assist them in tax-exempt financing issues. Clients in past have benefited from the services of our lawyers. Clients who have been seeking expert advice of our lawyers were able to foster their businesses across the globe in past. Our ace attorneys believe in leading from front leading to a higher clientele satisfaction rate.