Carrying the identity of your brand, Trademarks induce all the uniqueness to your company’s logo, name and other artwork associated with your business. Preserving the uniqueness of trademarks can be a tough task because a lot of competitors out there might try to imitate your company trademarks in a bid to consume some of your profits. Our Lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana decipher unique ways to protect and preserve the results of your creativity as we understand the imperatives of the identity of your company.

Along with the sharp counseling skills, our lawyers are experts in completing the file work involved in filing of trademarks. Having a huge network of agents who are settled in different departments and jurisdictions, our lawyers have the knack of equipping their clients with spot-on strategic advice with respect to trademark and brand protection. In the past, our lawyers have been associated with global firms whilst managing their Portfolios. Such exposure has equipped our experts to act exactly how they should whilst materializing comprehensive plans in the background.

If our Trademarks and brand lawyers are taking care of your Portfolio requirements, there is no need to be bothered about your company’s brand image. Reason being, after being held responsible for the brand image of local as well as international firms, our advocates have garnered the tact of understanding the requirements of every single client. With knowledge and research couple with a thorough understanding of what the client really seeks, our advocated are unequivocally the best brand protecting lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana.

Trademark infringement is a serious offense and catching your competitor’s error can be a difficult task. For instance, your competitor may try to pass off your brand name by a third party, or there can be trademark hijacking and domain name infringement. Even though our advocated resort to mediation and discussion in order to resolve disputes outside the court, by default, they are simply prepared to go for litigation whilst already having a sound plan in place as our lawyers have handled multi-jurisdictional litigation matters in the past.