Wills and Trusts

We advise our non-resident Indian clients as to how to structure their estate and affairs so that after their lifetime, the estate is transferred to those persons whom our clients want to be beneficiaries.

Our wills and trusts practice group provides expert advice on all aspects of estate planning in India. We make wills for high net worth individuals and advise them on how the property shall be transferred after their lifetime. We also create trusts which may continue after the lifetime of our client. Apart from these, our wills and trusts practice group provides legal advice while working in consonance with our taxation experts as to how to reduce tax implications on NRI. We also help our NRI clients situate outside India in cross-border succession where some of the property is in India and the rest of the property is outside India.

As explained on transfer of property page, the best way to transfer the property is to do so when a person is alive. The second best way is to do so through will and the worst way in which property may be transferred to succession is to die intestate (which means without will).

We also assist clients in case where a will has been challenged or will has to be challenged. There are several grounds on which will can be challenged which include mental incapacity, coercion and undue influence, lack of knowledge about the contents of the will especially in relation to fraud. Even though it is always our efforts that such cases may be settled out of court, when there is no alternate solution we advise litigation as a last resort.

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